Private/Hospital Prescriptions

Hospital Prescriptions 

We do not convert hospital prescriptions. Patients should return to the hospital pharmacy for their medicines. We will pick up appropriate prescribing of drugs once we have received a detailed clinic letter from the specialist containing treatment plan and guidance.

In the case of ‘Red Drugs’ (according to the Nottingham APC guidance) prescribing will need to be maintained at consultant level. 

Private Prescriptions 

We do not convert private prescriptions to NHS prescriptions until they have been established in their effectiveness over 3 months of treatment and we have received a letter from the initiating consultant detailing a treatment plan. Even then some may not be converted due to prescribing restrictions within the Nottingham area prescribing committee guidance (APC traffic lights system) and may need to be run past an advisor.

Please see the Practice for our full policy on Hospital and Private Prescriptions